Silhouette Cameo Holder with 15 Blades 45 degree

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Suitable for polishing wood, PVC, mahogany color, precision, MDF, and other relief

45" blades are the standard blade that comes with most vinyl cutters.  They are recommended for all standard cast and calendared vinyls as well as other thin materials such as ThermoFlex Plus.   

Note:  Blades will work in Silhouette Cameo Portrait, Cameo 2, Cameo 3, and Curio.

Material: High Speed Steel
Type: Convex Mill
Model Number: SKU00123
Diameter: 9mm/0.74"
Overall Length: 50mm
Degree: R0.1
Material: Hard alloy
Length: Approx. 19mm/0.74"
Degree: 45
Scope: Lettering, cutting
Color: Silver