Car Pet Safety Grill

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Keep your pet safe in the back seat and let him/her still feel the breeze.  Perfect for your pets that love to travel

Note:  For use while driving to keep your pet safe.  Please do not leave your pets in vehicles unattended!

  • Material:PP
  • Color:Black
  • Car Window Vent/Guard - Allows Ventilation & Creates Air Flow Yet Stops Pets Sticking Their Head Out  of the Window
    • Ideal when Travelling - Helps Prevent Overheating on Long Journeys
    • Available in two sizes - Fits Most Car Windows - Easy to Fit - No Tools Required
    • To Fit - Lower Window, Place Guard On Window Edge & Carefully Raise Window to Push Guard Into Window Recess 


  •  Size                 Length*Height
     S  24*11"(9.4"*4.3")
     L  24*17.5"(9.4"*6.8")

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