2PCS Valve Stem LED Lights for Bicycle

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Make a statement with tire lights!  

This set of 2pcs LED Tire Valve Lights provides a spectacular "light show" on the road every time your car, motorbike, or bicycle tires spin around. The LED bulbs consume less power from the button cell batteries it runs on, which means it'll last long. The 2pcs LED Tire Valve Lights also serve as an additional attention-caller for motorists and pedestrians at night. It alerts them that your vehicle is nearby and this alerts them for a safer evening stroll. Adding these lights to your tire valves may lessen the risk of accidents.

Add these 2pcs LED Tire Valve Lights NOW!


Voltage: 12V
Led Beam Type: Combo
Light Source: LED
Car Model: Universal
Power: 3 AG10 battery (Included)
Size: 41 x15mm
Net weight:13 g


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